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Procesix Inc. provides assessment, training and consulting services to the international software and TI industry, to help our customers improving business, project management, engineering and TI service processes to become more competitive.
We specialize in Business Process Management methods for helping our customers to support their business, system engineering and TI process improvement life cycle needs.

Procesix Inc. uses industry best practices, domain experts and a strong commitment to help our customers to implement effective solutions that will bring value to their investment in processes.

  • Procesix received the Service Partner Award 2014 from the CMMI Institute.
  • Partners with the CMMI Institute (CMMI)and the Software Engineering Institute – SEI (TSP/PSP). We have a team of authorized SCAMPI and CMMI instructors.
  • Since 1999 we have delivered services that have added both technical and commercial value to a diverse range of customers around the world in industry sectors ranging from banking, telecommunications, government, insurance, aerospace, TI, retail, transport, electronics, military, government, and engineering.


Luciano Guerrero

Clara Hernández

Carmen Rodríguez

Pablo Henríquez

Marcelo Amadio

Liliana Flórez

Felipe Ortiz

Daniel Pezoa

Procesix consultants are certified in: